Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My New Pressure Cooker!

Since I was a child, I have had a terrible fear of pressure cookers. My grandmother used one frequently and I was not permitted in the kitchen while Gram was cooking with the pressure cooker. Over the years I never gave a pressure cooker a second thought. A few years ago my fifth daughter, Stephanie (aka Suzie Homemaker) bought a pressure cooker and gave it rave reviews. I was still apprehensive and ignored her pleas for me to buy a pressure cooker myself. Alas, two weeks ago Stephanie and I went shopping. We were at Sears looking for a Dutch oven for Stephanie when I saw that 8-quart Presto aluminum pressure cookers were on sale. Stephanie told me that I should buy it. I said, "No." We left Sears and shopped for hours throughout the mall. We had parked the car outside of Sears so we walked through Sears to leave the mall. As we were passing through the cooking section, something came over me. Suddently I had to have a pressure cooker. Of course, Stephanie cheered me on. I was so proud of myself when we got home and I showed Hubby the pressure cooker. He said, "Good" and went back to reading the paper. Every day for the next two weeks, Stephanie asked me if I tried the pressure cooker. I told her that I was afraid it would explode. She reassured me that the new pressure cookers are safe. Finally yesterday, two weeks and one day after I bought the pressure cooker, I used it. I made a delicious pot roast with potatoes and carrots. It took me less than an hour and it was delicious. Hubby gave it rave reviews. Today I told everyone with whom I had a conversation that I made a delicious meal with my pressure cooker. The reply was either, "Oh" or "I'm glad that it didn't rain today." Not one person asked me to share my experience. However, I know that my blogger friends are REALLY interested.

My Eight Quart Pressure Cooker
I read every word in the book that came with the pressure cooker. Pot Roast (I improvised upon the original recipe)
2 1/2 pound chuck roast
about 6 potatoes cut up
a few handfuls of baby carrots
2 small onions cut up
1 tablespoon cooking oil
2 cups of water
Salt, pepper, other preferred seasoning
Heat the cooking oil in the pressure cooker and brown the chuck roast.
Add the water. Put the lid on securely. Press pressure regulator on vent pipe and cook 25 minutes with pressure regulator rocking slowly. Cool cooker at once. Add carrots, potatoes, and spices. Press pressure regulator on vent pipe and cook an additional 20 minutes with pressure regulator rocking slowly. Remove from burner and cool cooker.
The roast was tender and delicious. The vegetables absorbed the juices from the roast. Hubby told me several times that we had a great meal. Also, I no longer fear the pressure cooker and am looking forward to using it frequently.
My next challenge - MASTERING MY NEW CAMERA!!!


Jan and Tom's Place said...

It brings back memories of my grandmother's beef roast, with carrots, celery and potatoes...that she made in her pressure cooker. I, too, was NOT allowed near the kitchen when grandma was cooking in it!!

Looks yummy!!!

Glad you enjoyed your new pressure cooker.

Nancy said...

Hi Sweetie, Thanks for stopping by my is so nice to meet you! I have never cooked with pressure cooker, but I remember my Great Aunts and my Grandmothers cooking with them all the time. My Mom stopped using one, when it blew up on her...I remember that day to well, so I guess that's why I never used one. Your roast looks delish! Thanks again for coming by and please come back anytime. Blessings to you, Nancy

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law used a pressure cooker alot.I have a crock pot which I think does as good. But Ive never really tried a pressure cooker.I was a bit scared of it when my motherinlaw used hers.OMG the roast looks soo good.

Neabear said...

Well......I bought a pressure cooker.....hmm...not long after we moved into our current home....which is about 6 years ago....have I tried to use that pressure cooker???? Nope, no way, no how. Guess I am scared of it. Six years is a long time to hang on to a pressure cooker and never use it. My mother uses hers all the time and with such ease. How come I can't seem to use mine? I admire your bravery in finally trying out a pressure cooker. There is hope for me yet!

Love Bears All Things said...

I know where that fear came from, I remember the old pressure cookers with the pressure guage that had to be watched carefully.

I've had the new ones over the years. Today, I only own one that holds six quart jars and can in it whenever I get a hankering to do so. I like the idea of using one for meals again. My Mother used hers all the time. I would say, probably 4 or more times a week. They would be a great gift for new brides or working women since they cook so quickly.
I am proud of you.
Mama Bear

Cherdecor said...

Same here, Sweetie, I have always feared a pressure cooker! I saw one advertised somewhere in a paper last weekend. I even considered it, but then just went on my way. I am glad that you are enjoying yours.
Happy cooking!

Bo said...

Oh my goodness Sweetie...That is quite an accomplishment overcoming the fear of a pressure cooker... As for me, I'm still afraid...LOL
However, that pot roast could go a long way in changing my mind...I had to chuckle about your hubby just saying "Good" & then going back to his! ;-) Bo

Nancy said...

Wow, that looks soooo good. Wish I was there to try it. Sounds like after all, you were wise to listen to your daughter. You are a convert now. Yummmmmmm.
I sent you an email, can you please send my your address.
Love Nancy

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

W ell, I have to tell you my mom and grandma always used pressure cookers. They made the most delicious meals. I have always wanted one. I watch them on QVC & HSN. I pick up the phone to order. And quickly hang back up again. Well, I loved your post. And I will be buying one in the near future. Hugs, Terrie

Kathy said...

Very nice indeed, Sweetie!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi SWeetie , I used to be afraid of them too. I have one but rarely use it , mainly because I forget about having it . I don't know why I don't use it more . I love roast cooked in them too. I will have to pull mine out and use it.
Give us some recipes when you cook something else in it .

imjacobsmom said...

I love my pressure cooker, however I have a Wolfgang Puck electric one - I got suckered into buying it from HSN. I never watch HSN so I don't know what possessed me to watch and then actually buy it. They are supposed to be safer. My Mom always used one until one day she was making potato soup and the darn thing blew up and blasted soup everywhere. It dripped from the ceiling and the kitchen light fixture and behind the refrigerator - it was a disaster. If you look back a few posts on my site I have a Chicken & Dumplings recipe that is for the pressure cooker. Your roast looks delish! ~ Robyn

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Ya know what? My mother put the same "fear of the pressure cooker" in ME. I was never allowed in the kitchen when she was using it. I was told it could explode if it wasn't used properly, or opened too soon. . . like before that capper thing stopped rocking. I've been scared of them ever since.

I actually got one for a shower gift, oh about 28 years ago, and never did use it. Hmmm, maybe I should look for it now and give it a try. If you can try to overcome your fears, maybe I should face mine LOL.



bj said...

Oh, you brave girl, you !! I, too, grew up scared to death of them.. my mother used her's all the time and made the most delicious red beans, ever. She always kept me out of the kitchen, too....well,, when she passed away, there was that scary pressure cooker. I think I still have it somewhere but too afraid to use it. Now, this bright, shiny new one you have might not be so scary...
And your roast looks so good I am drooling....
love, bj

onlymehere said...

I have the same fear you had. Maybe some day I'll try it but for now I'll stick to things that won't blow up!!

Chrissy said...

Thank you so much for coming by!!I am overwhelmed by how many visitors I have had...its lots of fun. Take care, hope to talk again.P.S. I have never used a presure cooker either, good for you.

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Sweetie, Thank you so much for coming by my new blog. I'm happy you found me! You're always welcome anytime. The pot roast you made looks delicious. My hubby would love that. Now I need a pressure cooker as well. I read your profile and I am deeply sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine what your family has endured. I'll pray for you. Take Care and please come back and visit. I'm adding you to my favorites.
~Warmly, Melissa :)

Ruthie said...

I'm proud of you for buying a pressure cooker. I am afraid of them, too - although my Mom always used one. I can't believe it got your roast done so fast!!! So you really like it????? Let us know some other things you make, too. Thanks.
Hugs. Ruthie

Judy said...

Your roast looks absolutely wonderful and so juicy. Like you, I am afraid of them. My mother used to have a huge one and she would not let us in the kitchen either. Then, my mother-in-law had one like yours she used all the time. She would come in from work and have a wonderful meal in no time. I never did get over my fear and still have not used one. Now, I don't cook much but I am proud of you that you managed to get one and use it and love it. I never did!

Anonymous said...

I have a pressure cooker but haven't used it in so long I'd kinda forgotten about having it. It is great for cooking some things. You've inspired me to dig it out and use it again.