Monday, November 3, 2008

Blue Monday

I live in beautiful central Pennsylvania and am a true fan of the Blue and White Nittany Lions.
Penn State Nittany Lions
Colors: Blue and White
We are Penn State!!

Happy Valley, USA
If God Isn't A Penn State Fan, Then Why Is The Sky Blue And White?

Penn State Football
Penn State has a large football following and attracts tens of thousands of visitors to its campus; the surrounding area is known as "Happy Valley" for tailgating and games on autumn Saturdays in Beaver Stadium. The stadium is the largest in the country with a seating capacity of over 107,282.

Joseph Vincent Paterno, nicknamed JoePa, is the head coach of Pennsylvania State University's college football Pennsylvania State University's football team, a position he has held since 1966. Paterno, is one of four active coaches who have also been inducted in to the College Footgall Hall of Fame. Paterno holds the record for the most victories by a Division I FBS football coach. Paterno also has more bowl game wins and more FBS undefeated seasons than any other coach in college football history.

The Nittany Lion
Penn State - Blue and White

The Penn State Blue Band
The Penn State University Marching Blue Band, known generally as the Blue Band, is the marching band of Pennsylvania State University Founded in 1899, it is the largest recognized student organization at the University Park campus of Penn State, presently with over 300 active student members. The primary function of the Blue Band is in support of the Penn
State Nittany Lions football team, performing for all home football games at Beaver Stadium.
Penn State's Nittany Lions 2008 Season
Aug. 30
Coastal Carolina
Sep. 6
Oregon State
Sep. 13
Sept. 20
Sep. 27
Oct. 4
Oct. 11
Oct. 18
Oct. 25
Ohio State
Nov. 8
Nov. 15
Nov. 22
Michigan State
Blue is my favorite color and each Monday I look forward to seeing so many beautiful blues. I'd like to thank Sallie at for hosting Blue Monday. Please visit Sallie and find your way to some wonderful Blue Monday posts


bj said...

Good morning, Sweetie...
YEAH...GO PENN STATE in your pretty blue and white!!

Our favorite team is Texas Tech and they won a very important game Sat. night...alas...they aren't blue and white, tho....I may have to join the gals on RUBY TUESDAY since our team is RED and black...:o)

Thanks for sharing all the BLUE AND WHITE this morning....
love, bj

Bo said...

Hi Sweetie...this was a great post...I learned something and that's always a good thing! We don't really have a fav college team, but always hope for the best with the Dallas Cowboys...might as well forget them this year though..
;-) Bo

Smilingsal said...

I was born in PA and my favorite color is blue. This is a terrific tribute to a team that doesn't know how to lose. Happy Blue Monday!

splummer said...

Your Blue Post is great! I'm not a football fan, but the Indianapolis Colts are here. They have blue. Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sweetie, Thanks for your visit to my place have posted all of your favorite blue things...
Hugs, Baba

jeanne said...

Sweetie, I love your Penn State blue and white. congrats on your team's record this year so far. We are gator fans which includes our children who graduated from UF as did their spouses. Also my dh who also graduated from there. The Gators are having a good year thus far too.

Do you remember in the 1980's when the Univ. of Miami and Penn State played for the National championship? UM players came out with camo's and game faces making fools of themselves? They were favored and Penn State beat them. I loved that game because Miami beat themselves with their bad attitude. A lesson for all!!!

Go Penn State.


PS. We were in Jax for the FL. - GA game. It was great. We won Big!
I wonder if there is a chance FL. will play you for the National championship this year? Hmmmmmmm.

Heidi said...

The sky is not blue and white. It is grey and that way most days here in Holland. :)

Hugs ~

Nancy said...

Hi Sweetie:
I like Penn State. I have lots of relatives in Pa. Blue is sooo pretty.

Claudie said...

Good Morning Sweetie (oh what a lovely name) So nice to meet you and your family.
Football is not a big hit like in the U.S. but I know how much you all like it.
I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter Sherry Jo. I tried to read about it but it won't allow me. My heart feels sick about it.
Your family is beautiful and so many look way to young for that!!.
Have a great day and thanks for visiting me and Barbie.
Claudie from Canada

Neabear said...

Thank you for visiting my Blue Monday. Happy Blue Monday to you!

ellen b said...

Hi Sweetie,
How fun to have fun blue to follow and enjoy in your state. I really love college football. Our team in Washington is just so painfully bad this year :0(

onlymehere said...

I read a book a long time ago, I think it was called "Something for Joey" about a football player at Penn state whose little brother gets cancer. It talks about your coach in it and I remember thinking then what a good guy he must be. I'll have to pull the book out again and read it.
What a sweet blue monday post!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

good for you for being such a fan. We're USC people over here. I had to laugh about your mention of tailgating and such. That is exactly what my hubbs was doing Saturday morning/afternoon. lol
Happy Blue Monday to you and have a fantastic day!

imjacobsmom said...

Wow! Beaver Stadium is huge -107,000 seats! I'm a Minnesota Golden Gophers fan (I know, nothing to brag about....and not a serious one at that though) but I hope you have a Happy Blue Monday! ~ Robyn

onlymehere said...

I certainly never meant to bring you pain with my post. You're in my prayers daily. I pray that they find who did this to your sweet daughter. I cannot even begin to imagine your pain and suffering. Your love for your family shines through in every post you do. God bless you Sweetie, I know this anniversary will be a rough one and I'll keep praying that there will be a break in the case so that your heart can be at peace about your beloved daughter.

Coloradolady said...

What a fun Blue Monday Post. I just loved it. Football is big all around the country! Have a great week.

Melissa Wertz said...

Do you mean he outdid "The Bear"?

Happy Blue Monday!

Anonymous said...

I love it that your a big fan of college football. But, I'll say it loud and proud, I'm a Gator Fan. I have a funny story , I know someone that has a relative in prison in Pennsylvania, they just say he's at Penn State. LOL


Sharon said...

Thank you for your comment on my site.I really did enjoy it.
What a great Monday Blue blog I enjoyed it.
God bless you and your family.

Knitty said...

Another great season for your Lions!
Happy Blue Monday!

Shabby Kim said...

Hi there Sweetie..

Your post today was great. How perfect that your states college football teams colors are blue and white. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog about my teapots. I love them too and can't seem to keep myself from buying more when I find ones I really like. They don't just collect dust either. I use them all of the time. If you are ever visting in Minnesota, I would love to meet you in person and have you over for tea. That would be so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

GOOOOOOOOO PENN State!You must be near me,Im not to far from Penn State.Great ohio game.

PlantBuddy said...

Hi and Happy Blue Monday. Just noticed the photo of the Nelsons. My fav. radio program when I was a child.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Sweetie,
Happy Blue Monday! Your header is have a wonderful family!

Shelia said...

Hi Sweetie! You like Penn State, don't cha! I can tell. ;) Cute post.
Thanks for popping in to see Bobby and me!
Shelia ;)

Terri said...

When we lived in Howard (around 1997) we learned quickly to NEVER try to drive to town on football Saturdays! You all have some football fanatics there! LOL

CC said...

What great blue and whites. Have a happy late Blue Monday and a lovely week to come.

Carrie said...

Fine blue and white photos -- especially the great family group!

Elizabeth said...

Fun Blue Post! You really do love your Penn football, thanks for sharing.