Friday, May 8, 2009

Dear Blogger Friends

Dear Blogger Friends - I have been too tired and overwhelmed to keep up with everyday things. I realize that this is a phase in the grief process and I just have to work through it. I have missed my Blogger Friends. This week I developed some enthusiasm and have started to plant flowers. Tomorrow I am making a trip to the green house to get impatience and marigolds. Last Saturday, my grandsons, Tyler and Austin, got a load of mulch and spread it for me. I bought a new self-propelled mower and I'm using it while my daughter or grandson use the riding mower. I am determined to mow with the riding mower next week. I am working outside all day tomorrow.

I will probably only post once or twice a week until I get caught up with all the things that I need to do. However, I will be visiting blogs daily.

I started with several bags of top soil for the one side of the house.

I bought several hanging planters of Calibrachoa. It is not a true petunia, but looks like one and can be treated as such. Also known as Million Bells, the flowers look like miniature petunia blooms. I bought the Million Bells for the first time last year. I trimmed them weekly and they bloomed all summer. I really like this shade of yellow.

More Million Bells. Tomorrow I will hang them.

These Impatience are for the shaded front porch.

I am planting the Daisies next to the hot tub where perennials are growing and the Snapdragons next to a small fountain. I have a big pile of mulch to use in these areas.
I think that I have the perfect spot for this azalea. The small crock has some Pansies and a few other flowers. I also have two baskets of Pansies. They stay nice in our area until the end of June.

This is the new wreath that I bought for my front door.
Thank you all for being there for me.
Although my need is great,
My gratitude is more.
But you are like the sunshine,
Drowning all in light.