Saturday, November 15, 2008

Have you ever heard of a mayonnaise bowl?

As some of you know, we had my in-laws' estate auction on October 5. After the auction, we had the opportunity to go through things that did not sell. We went through things deciding what someone could use and what to throw in the dumpster. My daughter, Michele, knowing that I love dishes, asked me if I wanted two little bowls - one had a ladle. I had no idea what kind of bowls they were but they were but they were pretty so I took them. I was especially curious about the bowl with the ladle. I have a good friend who frequents auctions and is familiar with antique and vintage glassware and dishes. I showed her the bowl with the ladle and asked if she knew what it was. She looked at the marking with a magnifying glass and saw that it said "Nippon. She said that she thought it was a mayonnaise bowl. I did a web search for "mayonnaise bowl." Can you imagine my surprise when I found the exact "Nippon hand painted mayonnaise bowl with matching ladle" and it sold for $85??!! I was so excited that I called Michele to tell her. She said that maybe the other bowl had a ladle and she didn't see it. I reassured her that it didn't matter.

Mayonnaise Bowl
Nippon Hand Painted Footed Mayonnaise Bowl with Ladle
I bought several other things at the auction including a box of vintage linens. Not all of it was salvageable and many were stained. I really worked at the stains and am happy that I was able to remove most. I'll post some of the linens next week. My sister and I are leaving bright and early today to go Christmas shopping. Then Cis and I and our Hubbies are going to a birthday party for our grandson-in-law. Have a great day. I'll catch up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

That bowl is beautiful. I have never heard of a mayonaise bowl.Interesting. Enjoy your day Sweetie!UGH, its a rainy morning here where I am.

Sachin Malhotra said...
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Anonymous said...

Sweetie that is a beautiful bowl, I've never heard of that before. I think you should be aware you may have a spam on your comments. I'd be very cautious with it. Perhaps delete it. :)


Linda said...

Hi Sweetie, that is the prettiest little bowl...a mayonise bowl is new to me too.
Have a fun day shopping...I'm doing a little later on today...hugs, Linda

Nancy said...

Hi Sweetie:
That was a great find. It is such a pretty little dish too. I never heard of a mayonise bowl but now we know.
Hope you have a fun day with your sister. We are going to dinner with a big group of our friends today, about 20.
Love Nancy

onlymehere said...

I learned something new from you today. It's a beautiful mayonnaise bowl (never heard of one) and to have the ladle too is wonderful! I love linens as well as dishes so I can hardly wait to see what you have to share with us next week. Hope the day was a good one with your family! Cindy

Bo said...

Hi Sweetie...what an absolute thrill that discovery was! And to think, it could have ended up in the dumpster...oh no!!! Hope you have a wonderful wk-end..;-) Bo

P.S. About removing the spam comment...if they had a symbol on the bottom that looks like a trashcan, you could just click on that...but I don't see one on there, but whatever you do, don't click on any of the sights they listed...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie, I hope what Bo said about deleting works, cause other than that,I don't know how to do it.


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I'm glad you had a good time at the auction. I have seen these bowls. But, I never knew what they were. They are lovely!!
Hugs, Terrie

bj said...

Hi, Sweetie...I am so late getting around to visiting...been doing a lot of staying with g-kids!!
I have never heard of a bowl just for mayo and your's is just beautiful! Sometimes I wonder how I could have reached the age of 70 and not heard of so, so many things!! Amazing.
I'm so glad you had a good time and glad you got so many nice things. Can't wait for you to share your other treasures!!
love, bj

Judy said...

I have never seen a bowl like that before for mayonnaise. My girls have boxes of dishes that belonged to their grandmother. I will have to ask them if she had something like this. What a great gift. I just love old dishes and collectibles.

Love Bears All Things said...

No, this is a first for me. You could use it for jelly too, I suppose.
Mama Bear

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Wow, $85!!! You have a "great" find there.



Lorrie said...

Hi Sweetie, Thanks so much for stopping by. I've really enjoyed my visit to your blog. I just love the mayonnaise bowl and ladle and the other bowl too--both so pretty.

You have a lovely family and it sounds like you all enjoy each other--what a great blessing that is!

The Shabby Secret Garden said...

WOW... WHAT LOVELY mayonnaise bowls ya have there! I'd never heard of them, nor ever seen one either and I go to the Tiques n Fleas all the time?!
Now I can't wait to see your linens!
I think ironing old linens is so relaxing.
Blessings Sweetie!

Melissa Miller said...

The bowl is so pretty. I have never heard of one. How neat!

Anonymous said...