Friday, November 21, 2008

Box of Treasures

I bought a box of vintage doilies and linens at the family estate sale. These are just a few of the things that were in the box. There are also several sets of napkins and tableclothes. I'll show you those later. I need to spend some time taking photos. Each of the dresser scarves had stains on them. I used my Mother's trick to remove the stains. I washed the dresser scarves by hand in cold water. Then I made a mixture of half Ivory dishwashing liquid and half color safe bleach. I put the mixure on the stain and rubbed it in with a toothbrush. I then hung the dresser scarves ourside on the clothe line. I checked them daily. By the fourth day outside on the clothesline, the stains had disappeared.

I really like these doilies but the color does not match anything in my house.
This dresser scarf was hand embroidered. The stitching is beautiful. This dresser scarf was also hand embroidered and the edges were hand crocheted. I really like the flowers. The trim is pink and white.

This dresser scarf is my favor. The crocheted edges are wide. The intricate embroidered pattern is a vase with flowers.

This is a closer shot of the embroidered vase.
I think that embroidery is almost a lost art. I seldom see people engaging in the craft. I embroidered years ago. I am so left handed that it is pathetic. My mother tried to teach me the basics. I know that I must have frustrated her. Finally, I bought a book for left handers. The book was really helpful.


Jan and Tom's Place said...

OOhhhhhhhh Sweetie...what beautiful Linens. I love linens, too! And I have many taking up space in my linen drawers. But, I use them all the time!

I find that Oxy-Clean takes out almost EVERY stain...even RUST from the linens I buy. Not much work to it.

We're praying for your 2 lady friends' families. So sorry to hear of their passing.


Margie said...

Lovely, lovely linens! I love to collect such beautiful treasures! I've never been good at embroidery, but I do enjoy cross stitch and counted cross stitch, and am working on a pair of pillow cases.

To get stains out, I soak the article in Biz for a couple of days (don't need to scrub) and if the stain is still there, I hang it in the sun, and it disappears! I had an apron of my great aunt's, she had spilled a cup of coffee on it, the stain was set in for over 10 years and I was able to get it all out!

I see above that Jan uses Oxy-Clean, I've never tried it, but maybe I'll give that a try next time! I'm curious to see how it works!

Have a lovely day!
Margie :)

Anonymous said...

GM Sweetie, I just love to visit you. You never fail to bring back memories to me. My Mother used to embroidery everthing and she was so good at it they looked the same on both sides.I don't have one of those items. however I do have some of the doilies she made. Congratulation on the new arrival on it's way.


Anonymous said...

Kalimera sweetie!(Goodmorning)These remind me of my grandmother on my fathers side. She loved doing these.I think she did more of the crochet kind.Have a lovely day Sweetie!

Sandi McBride said...

People don't do embroidery and tatting, crocheting and knitting like they once did. I can remember my grandmother patiently teaching me to tie a french knot...I hope my granddaughter learns at least one or two needlepoint activities..rather that than smoking to keep the hands busy! I love your doilies!

onlymehere said...

Beautiful treasures! I'm going to try your stain remover trick on some things I have. Thanks for sharing today. The color of the doiley looks alot like the turquoise my soon-to-be DIL loves! Have a nice weekend.

Susan S. said... SCORED! The handwork on those are just beautiful. It reminds me of things my grandmother use to make. Her work was just as pretty on the back side of the peice as the front. From what she told me long ago, as Martha Stewart would say "it's a good thing!" Happy Friday!

Heidi said...

I have a few of these embroidered dresser scrafs which my mother made. They started selling them again a few years ago and she made me more of them.

I am lefthanded too Sweetie and it has never stopped me with a needle...LOL!

Hugs ~

Sharon said...

Those linens reminded me of my sweet MIL. She did a lot of that and the first one looks like one that she gave me many many yrs ago.
I use Oxy clean for all of my stains.
Have a great weekend.
God bless

Nancy said...

Hi Sweetie:
I love doilys. My mom made them for me and now Kristy, my granddaughter is just as good as she was. I am so proud of her. I still have some embroidery waiting to be finished. I use the dresser scarfs everyday that I made. All of these are so pretty, great that you got them.
Love Nancy
PS: I put a little package in the mail for you today.

PEA said...

Don't you just love estate sales:-) I always say that someone loved these items at one time and they should continue to be loved. You really did find some exquisite embroidered dresser scarves and doilies, they are all beautiful. I tried embroidery once and didn't care for it, although I do love it when someone else makes it! lol xoxo

Bo said...

Thank you Sweetie for sharing the Recipe for removing stains...I can't tell you how many wonderful things I've passed up in estate or garage sales because of a stain here or there...but no more! I love embroidered things too!
Hugs, ;-) Bo

An Enchanted Cottage said...

Those are all so beautiful!! What a find - the perfect "cottage blue" color! I will have to try that stain removal technique for sure... Donna

Kathy said...

Such beautiful linens! I LOVE vintage linens! Looks like you hit the jackpot with blue, your favorite color.

Have a relaxing Sunday...Kathy

Patty said...

What a score! They are all sooo pretty. And, believe me, embroidery is not a lost art. It is making a comeback among young women, and even young men. (There's even a group on Flickr called Manbroidery.) A lot of us love using vintage patterns but there are also designers coming out with more modern stuff. Do you still have your embroidered pieces? I would love to see them.