Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday

Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday. My pictures today are the flowers that have survived the end of summer and are still blooming in my garden.

I love the marigolds and vica. They are both so hardy and beautiful. I have them in pots surrounding the pool.

I have a few zinnias that have finally bloomed among the impatience. The zinnias did not do well this summer. I will plant some again in the spring.
The snapdragons are hardier than I had thought. Some still have fresh, beautiful blooms.

This week's flag has a fall theme. It will soon be Halloween.

Thank you, Jean of
http://msgreenthumbjean.blogspot.com/ for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday. To see more beautiful blooms, please visit Jean.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,
Nice to meet you and thank you for your comment left at my door.
The colors in your garden are so pretty,snap dragons are along with roses one of my favorites,as i walked around your garden just now Jim Reeves was singing and it has me all teared up,thank you for a dreamy break Sweetie.
Love Kristina XxX

Darla said...

Nice flowers, I like the snapdragons too.

Grammy said...

Marigolds are so dependable. I really enjoyed your flag too. Happy Blooming Tuesday.

the pleasures of homemaking said...

The pot with the marigolds and vincas is such a beautiful combination! Cute flag!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful combinations you have blooming near your pool. Marigolds, Vinca Vine & Snapdragons are such reliable bloomers. Your weather must have cooled off some, because Snapdragons prefer cooler days. Happy Bloomin Tuesday Sweetie!

Carla said...

Lovely! Your impatients are wonderful! I love marigolds, and pairing them with var vinca is smart!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Thanks for visiting me, Sweetie. We do cherish our last blooms of summer, don't we?

Your flag scenery is beautiful. :-) Rosie

Aiyana said...

You have some great leftovers! Love the flag. Do you change them each season and holiday? My niece does that, and also puts up birthday flags.

Teri C said...

All these flowers are so pretty and happy. Zinnias are a favorite of mine.

Susie said...

You still have lots of color in your garden. Lovely photos :)

Jean said...

Love all your annuals. Seems that's all that's blooming in a lot of gardens. Great flag for fall! Jean

Deb said...

I enjoyed my visit! Your flowers are beautiful and so is the family picture of you and your grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Sweet Sweetie!!!! I love your garden, it's still looking good!


Judy said...

Thanks for stopping by our Mennonite Girls Can Cook recipe blog.

I am checking out your blog for the first time...and I so love your header...blessings galore! We have a brand new granddaughter...as of last night...and grandkids are just the best!

Kathy said...

Gosh, your flowers are still really pretty, Sweetie! Mine are looking a little worse for the wear! Have a happy week!

Ruthie said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I especially liked the last photo with the pumpkin. Such a nice Fall picture.

bj said...

Sorry to be so late in getting around to see you today. I am SLOW in my old age ! lol
Your last blooms of summer are still very lovely, Sweetie. Thanks for sharing them with us.
love, bj

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Sweetie, I love your garden flowers. Your Marigolds and Vincas look great together.
Happy Blooming Tuesday
Love, Ann

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweetie,
The flowers are gorgeous. Well done with them!
I love to have lots of flowers in my gardens, but there seem not to have such good seasons here in The Netherlands

Chris said...

Oh Wow!! what a wonderful photograph of your family as your header... I love it :)
Such beautiful colours in your photographs too thanks for sharing with us :)

Love Bears All Things said...

Your flowers still look great!
Mama Bear

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

It won't be long and we'll have to say good-bye to our beautiful flowers. It does give us something to look forward to in the spring. If you're anything like me in about Feb. I start dreaming about what kind of flowers I'm going to be planting in April. Your flowers are still beautiful!!!
Hugs, ~Terrie~