Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank you Ruthie!!

Imagine my surprise a few days ago when Ruthie of notified me that I had won her 100th post Give-away. I worked at the office today. When I got home,I was delighted there was a lovely package waiting for me among the usual bills and junk mail.

Ruthie has beautiful penmanship. She wrote me a sweet note. Her handwriting on the envelope and note were meticulous. Her writing looks like calligraphy.

Ruthie sent me a book about Friendship. It features the wonderful paintings of Norman Rockwell. The pictures took me back to my childhood. My grandparents received The Saturday Evening Post that featured covers by Norman Rockwell.

There was a bookmark from China to remind me of Ruthie's early days in China. I will use the bookmark while reading Simple Acts of Friendship.

And - there was a sweet smelling sachet. The embroidery looks like it was tediously done by hand.
Thank you Ruthie! Your Give-away was a gesture of kindness. I feel really special to have received it.


onlymehere said...

Congratulations on winning the give-away! I love Norman Rockwell paintings too. He found such joy in the simple things in life and it shows through his paintings. I cross-stitched one of his Christmas pictures years ago and still hang it up every year.

Brown-Eyes said...

I am so happy for you winning the gift giveaway and I can't imagine anyone more deserving than you. Hope your weekend is restful and lovely so you can enjoy the book.
;-) Bo

Ruthie said...

I'm so glad you liked the gifts.
Isn't it nice to get "fun mail" instead of all bills and advertisements?!

Have a wonderful weekend.


bj said...

Oh, what sweet, sweet things to receive from such a nice lady. Ruthie is really a great blogging buddy. You deserved every one of them.
Oh, and Sweetie, if you liked Mr. Ford in my post today, you will LOVE tomorrows, too...heh heh heh
love ya, bj