Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sue's Floral Art

I try to visit my friend, Sue's, shop at least every two weeks. She designs beautiful works of art from dried flowers and other materials. I have bought several arrangements from her. She not only has arrangements, she has primitives and sometimes antiques. I bought a beautiful small marble topped sideboard from her. I love visiting Sue. She is not only an artist but also a wonderful person and good friend. Her shop smells so good and there is always something new to see. This swag was already sold. A lady came and picked it up while I was there.
I especially like the baby shoes in this picture.
I love this corner.
This is special "May God Bless Our Home....."

This is my granddaughter, Payton. I didn't have to coax her to have her picture taken.
I love the primitive crate, tub, and the tea pot.
I hope that you enjoyed your visit. I am going to Sue's shop this week to pick up a Victorian styled grapevine wreath that she is creating for me.


Bridget said...

Payton is so cute! I love your new header too. Blue and white pottery and tulips are a couple of my favorite things!

Nancy said...

Thanks for taking us with you to the shop. It looks very inviting. Your Payton is too cute for words. You wouldn't know where to look next in that shop. Everytime I come to your blog I take a quiet moment to look again at Sherry Jo and wish you would get justice. I think of you everyday. Thank God for your other daughters and your wonderful Grandchildren.

a portland granny said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today! I'm so glad you did because I have now discovered your lovely site. I love what I have read, enjoyed the pictures, and am anxious to learn more about your darling daughter. Oh my dear! How does one go on after something like this??

You are blessed with lots of loving people around you, which helps, I know. You have quite a group of grandies!! How fun!!

I shall be back. Your site is the kind I like. Mine is a potpourrie of thoughts, history, experiences, etc. I just write what comes to mind--it makes a history sort of.

Anyway, isn't it a fun way to share our lives with family and friends??


bj said...

Good mornin', Sweetie...
I enjoyed seeing your friend's shop. She has some delightful things to offer.
Payton is a cutie and aren't little granddaughters such a delight! Grandsons too. We have 7 granddaughters and 3 grandsons and a grandson* inlaw.
Eddy Arnold is so one of my old time favorites. We went to one of his concerts years ago and I was just in awe of his talent!
love, bj

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

What a cute shop, and little Payton is adorable. I love her name!
I have a thing for twigs, and pip berries and grape vines... that shop is right up my alley! Very cute... too bad my alley doesn't have anything put together like that though. LOL.... it's how my alley wants to look put it like that!
from the shed

Granny Lyn said...

Oh, how blessed we are with our grandbabies!! Payton is a beauty!

That shop is so interesting I could spend a whole day in there, just nosing around!

I am saying prayers for Carol and Rosalie, and you, too

Linda said...

What a darling shop...the kind of place I love to poke around in. Payton is too cute...spending time with my granma was such a happy time, Payton is a very sweet companion.
I love seeing your touches of blue. On vacation we had tea in a pretty cottage and they used Blue Willow China..I've always loved it too.
I hope your friends are improving...they will be included in my prayers...hugs, Linda

Love Bears All Things said...

I wish this shop was nearby. I see a picture in the shot of your granddaughter that I'd like to have. The one with the birdhouses. I wonder how much it is and how much shipping would cost. What are the measurements?
Also, looking at the first photo: Is that a door that she has added a shelf to? I am puttin my craft room in the dining room at the new house. I need something to block the room from view when we have guests. It has an opening from the foyer and one from the kitchen. Neither have doors that close. I may ask Honey Bear to hang folding doors there. I've also thougtht of some type of screen or bookshelf there. One facing the foyer would look okay, I think and would give me a place to display some of my primitives. This "door"? in the photo gives me ideas.
Mama Bear