Friday, September 5, 2008

So Little Time

This has been such a busy week and next week will be the same. We celebrated Labor Day with our family on Monday. I went shopping on Tuesday. I worked at the office on Wednesday. I had a Historical Society meeting last evening. I'm the secretary so I have minutes to do. I am on a committee to write a brochure of a walking tour of historical sites in our community. I also am responsible for the annual newsletter which needs to get out this month. Next week I have two borough meetings on Monday and am working Wednesday. I am attempting to create a committee to work to get a skateboard park for our youth. And - I enjoy all of it! I often wonder how I had time to work 40+ hours a week for 30 years.

Our adorable grandson, Dawson, was diagnosed with mono and he stayed with me yesterday and today. The dear little fellow has no energy at all. He played on the computer and rested - he was not at all like himself.

I love blogging. As soon as time allows I would like to give my blog a bit of a new look (nothing great) and learn some more technical aspects of blogging. Also, I have several ideas for some posts. I just need to take pictures. I love visiting other bloggers so much that I could spend all day just visiting. I am still so amazed at the talents of my new friends. I do have a few photos of some of my favorite things to share.

The crystal was a wedding gift to my parents. Over the years, they added to the sets. If my parents were living they would have been married for 64 years.

These serving pieces belonged to my paternal grandmother. She always set a beautiful table. Each meal that Gram served was an event, complete with China and sterling silver.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing these heirlooms. I'm not certain if they have any monetary value but they are very precious to me.


Margaret Cloud said...

Your blog is very interesting, what a busy lady, I liked the photos the dishes are really nice, just coming by to say Hi.

Jean said...

Thank you so much for this award! I do enjoy blogging and it's even more fun when I get to meet new people with like interests. I love your Grandma's serving dishes! What great treasures! Thanks again! Jean

Carolien said...

Hello Sweetie, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I am sorry I am this late to react. I just read the last entries of your blog. I love blue china as well, your blue willow collection is so pretty!

I don't have words for the fact that your daughter was murdered recently. I am very very sorry to read this. I really don't have the words for it, but I think of you in sympathy.

Take care & greetings from Holland, Carolien

judypatooote said...

Hi Sweetie; thank you for stopping by my blog, and adding me to your list, as I will do the same... I love antiques....I collect antique honey pots...and through a blogging friend I rec'd a message from honey pot collector John Doyle....from the European Honeypot Society.... and he published my honeypots in the news letter...and sent the newsletter to me.... I also have a few antique teapots...and a bunch of antique tea strainers.... grandmas did have the best darn dishes didn't they? My mom got Norataki dishes free through Jewel tea Co. way back when......excuse my spelling of Norataki.....

You said you also made your booklet for your class reunion... it really wasn't work (well it was) but it was so much fun bringing back old memories... I can't wait to see the difference in my classmates, for I put their senior yearbook picture on the name tag, with their will help identify them....LOL I'll be back.... judy

judypatooote said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that your daughter was beautiful...what a cousin had a daughter that was murdered in Fremont Ohio and that case was never solved either....proves that each moment of each day is sooooo precious.... judy

Kathy said...

Your crystal and china are beautiful! Isn't it wonderful to have a few pieces that represent your heritage?

Nancy said...

I hope your Grandson is well very soon. Your china and crystal is priceless because of who owned it first. Great memories mean sooo much.
I just got home so I am going backwards to catch up with the entries.