Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Family's Pets

My husband, Johnny, is a dog lover. I bought Prince, a Shiloh Shepherd, for him in 2001 after his Border Collie, Nickie, died following a severe seizure. Johnny had Nickie for 14 years and I initially thought that I acted too quickly by getting him another dog so soon. That soon changed. Prince is his constant companion and a member of our family. He even rides the four-wheeler. And - of course, he is the smartest dog in the world!

Prince is a beautiful, huge dog.

This is Prince jumping up a tree trying to catch the imaginary squirrel.

This is Prince staring through the door at me telling me to let him in.

Our daughter Michele and her family have two dogs, Otis (a Sheltie) and Bosley (a pug). Bosley is strictly Michele's dog. Bosley even has his own raft so he can float in the pool.

This is Bosley taking a nap.

This is Otis. Otis is a spirited dog. Michele's husband, Joe, favors Otis. I think that her children, Kristen and Joey, also favor him.

Bosley and Otis aren't overly fond of each other. It's unusual that they are ever this close together.


judypatooote said...

Now wait a minute, I thought I had the smartest dog in the world...LOL
And talk about spoiled dogs, having his own raft...(his/her?) The dogs are beautiful....I don't think you acted to soon....and I'm sure Prince doesn't either... they sure do become special don't they... judy

Nancy said...

I don't have any pets. We like to travel too much. I have two Grand Doggies and three Grand Kitties. They all have cute personalities too. Just like kids. Your dog is really beautiful.

Heidi said...

What beautiful dogs! Prince fits his name. I know when our pets die, it is made softer to deal with by getting a new cat or dog. Since each one is a very unique personality, it is not really a replacement but a new friend. Otis has a gorgeous coat and I love pugs! Bosley is the cutest name I have even seen for a pug. Boy does that fit.

Hope you are having a great Wednesday Sweetie!

Hugs ~

Brown-Eyes said...

Hi Sweetie...I think "furkids" are so important to our lives...we adore our little Poms...they always are happy to see us and try to please us in every way possible.
;-) Bo

bj said...

ahhh, Prince is, indeed, a good looking dog. I can see why your hubby loves him.
We had dogs of all kinds while our children were growing up. And, they still have dogs for all their children.
Bill and I don't have one...our backyard is so tiny, it's hard for me to think of keeping a dog back there now. We added on to our house a few years back and really cut down the size of the yard. (nice when mowing!!)

Hope your day is really good!
love, bj

PEA said...

Oh what precious dogs you and your family have! Prince is just gorgeous, I love his colours. I had a friend (passed away now) who had a pug named Beau and that dog was so spoiled, I think he thought he was a human and not a dog! lol Pets are wonderful to have. xoxo

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Beautiful dogs. Beautiful!!



Judy said...

Hello and thank you for your comment on my blog. I have never seen so many good looking children in one place! The dogs are even good looking! We have blue in common. That is my favorite color, too. I love all the pictures of your flowers. I will be back. Judy

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

I have a toy yorkie, Duchess. She's a nut! And hates to have her picture taken. I am always so jealous when people show cute pics of their pets... mine runs the other direction most of the time. I think it's the flash. :) xoxo, Joanna

Ruthie said...

What beautiful animals. I have always loved dogs and all animals actually. But right now we do not have any pets - more free to come and go without wondering what to do with them.
I also love Autumn and the crisp air with the colored leaves drifting from the trees.

Linda said...

What beautiful dogs. Nothing makes me more happy then having a sweet, faithful companion by my side. Prince is a most handsome fella, I love the squirrel picture. We have a little park down the street and Lilly (my dog) is always trying to catch a squirrel too. Hugs, Linda

An Enchanted Cottage said...

Oh they are all BEAUTIFUL, but Prince has to be one of the handsomest dogs I have ever seen.. He is striking. And congratulations on winning the giveaway!!...Donna