Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mom and Daddy - A Love Story

My dad attempted to get into the service twice and was rejected because he had scars on his lungs. I think that was probably the heartbreak of his life. His three brothers served in different branches of the service and his sister was an Army Nurse. All four were in action during World War II. My mother was the fifth of 12 children. She worked as a civilian secretary for the United States Navy. Mom and Daddy met about 1940. At that time, Daddy worked as a cook in the Neu Bridge Restaurant. He then bought the Neu Bridge Service Station next to the restaurant and had an accounting business. Mom and Daddy met when Mom stopped with some friends at the restaurant while Daddy was working. It must have been love at first sight. Their courtship began. They would live for the weekends when Mom would take the train the 23 miles to see Daddy or Daddy would drive 23 miles to see Mom.During those days, young people that were dating wore more formal attire than they do today. Mom said that Daddy asked her what she was wearing so that his suit would not clash with her clothing. Mom described those years to me as romantic times. She and Daddy loved to dance to the orchestras of the era. Alas, there were problems and Mom and Daddy broke up for three months. They reunited and were married in a beautiful winter wedding on January 17, 1944. They visited New York City for their honeymoon.

I was born and my sister followed four years later. Mom had some medical problems and was unable to have more children. My sister and I had fairy tale childhoods. Every Sunday we drove to see my mother's parents and we saw our father's family almost every day. We were close to our cousins and shared in family activities. Unlike many fathers of that era, Daddy attended all of our special events. There was never a day that Daddy didn't tell Mom, my sister, and me that he loved us. We were also taught that sisters do not fight with each other - and we never did. Today my sister is my best friend. My sister and I were secure in our parents' love for us and for each other.

I think that Mom and Daddy looked so stylish during their dating days.

January 17, 1944

Daddy passed away suddenly on June 27, 1973. Mom never was interested in spending time with a man - although she did have pursuers. Mom said that there were no men as good as Daddy. She never got over losing Daddy. Mom lived alone until her passing on March 9, 2003.


Love Bears All Things said...

This is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it and the pictures.
Mama Bear

Judy said...

What a wonderful love story. They look so happy in the pictures. It is so nice to have happy memories of our childhood and parents. I loved this post.

Margie said...

What a lovely story. I just love it how your father wanted to know what she was wearing so his suit wouldn't clash with her outfit! How charming and thoughtful! I wish we could go back to those days, where most men cherished their women and actually showed it, by holding doors open, helping them carry things, etc. (My sweet hubby is good that way, and I know he cherishes me, but I'd like to see it in other men more often!)

Margie :)
P.S. I added you to my blogroll!

onlymehere said...

What a beautiful love story.

Brown-Eyes said...

Oh Sweetie...this was a lovely tribute to your parents. They were certainly good looking too...I love how people used to dress up before going out in are lucky to have a sister!
;-) Bo

Nancy said...

Everytime I visit your blog I see something new and great. I don't know if it is new or I missed it, but I love the picture of your daughters. They are all so beautiful.
Your parents story is great. They look like a happy couple. Aren't memories wonderful. I too had a very happy childhood.

Granny Lyn said...

oh, how I love a good love story, True Love is always a beautiful thing. You are lucky to have witnessed it, to be a part of that kind of fairy tale is so special!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie that was a wonderful love story. :)


bj said...

Oh such a beautiful love story. How young and happy they are in the photos...when I look at old pictures like this, I get a very bittersweet feeling....