Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Grandchildren

I would like to introduce you to our grandchildren. Since we have 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, I will introduce you to each of the 16 grandchildren and their children once a week. It will take 16 weeks for you to meet them all. I will introduce them from oldest to youngest. Our family is very close and we get together for Family Sunday every other week.

Erin is Sherry's daughter. Erin was born prematurely and had to be taken to the Neonatal Unit at Hershey Medical Center shortly after her birth. She is proof that miracles do happen. Erin is a lovely and loving young woman. She has two children, Jocelyn and Jacob. She is a homemaker. We call her "Suzy Homemaker" since she is a gourmet cook, sews, does crafts, and decorates. Her husband, Dustin, works for the pipeline and is now in Wisconsin. Erin and the children spent the summer in Wisconsin. Dustin should soon be home for a few months.

Erin, Jocelyn, and Jacob shopping at the mall
Jocelyn is five and started pre-school in September. It was very traumatic for Erin but Jocelyn loves it. Jocelyn is very loving and articulate. We love to hear her describe things as she can be dramatic. She looks like Erin looked as a child. She was very close to Sherry.
Jacob is two years old. He is a very curious and ornery little guy. He loves to play with Jocelyn and his cousin, Mason. His appearance reminds us of Sherry at that age.
Next week I will introduce you to Ashley and her son, Mason.


onlymehere said...

Cute kids and very pretty mom! I have discovered that grandkids are the greatest surprise blessing in life. I didn't expect to be so happy with our's, I knew I'd love her and be happy but I had underestimated the amount of love and joy she would bring (hope that made sense). I enjoyed getting to know them and look forward to meeting the rest. What a wonderful piece of Sherry you have in each one.

Bo said...

Oh Sweetie, this is the greatest idea for a post...It will help us keep them sorted out in our minds when you speak about them. Your family is so loving and getting together on Sundays is quite a testament to that. ;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea you have, we all should do that. Erin is so pretty and blessed with beautiful kids.I'm looking forward to meeting more of them . Do we have to wait a week? :)


Jan and Tom's Place said...

I just popped in from Bo's blog to say "HI"!

I enjoyed seeing all of the family...and am very sorry for your loss...of Sherry Jo last year.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sweetie for signing my guestbook


Judy said...

Erin is beautiful and so are her children. I know you must be very proud of them. I will look forward to meeting the rest of your family. Thank you for sharing.

Ruthie said...

So nice to meet your grandchildren. They are lovely and a real tribute to their mother and to you, their grandmother.



Ruthie said...

I'm sorry you missed seeing elk. Here in CO it had been warm, so they stayed up higher in the mountains until it cooled down a bit. So that might have something to do with the elk in your area,too. I'm sure it was disappointing not to see any elk.


Nancy said...

Well, I love seeing your Grandchildren. Believe me, I know how hard this is for you with your Great Grandchildren. Everytime I make something for Haali, Mitchell and Zoe, I think Fawn should be doing this. They are sooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.
I did a blog entry from MB today

Kathy said...

Mary, your granddaughter and her children are gorgeous! I must say, you just CANNOT be a great grandmothere - you just look WAY too young! What a great post - I look forward to meeting the rest of your family in future posts.

Margaret Cloud said...

I like to hear about family life, those pictures are very cute and nice, thank you for sharing. I will be back to read about Ashley and her son Mason.

Anonymous said...


Your Grands are beautiful!!!!! Excellent post!


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Beautiful family. Children are our reward and grandchildren must be our double reward!