Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some More Things that I Like

I bought this pie safe several years ago. It is an inexpensive piece but I really like it.

The hutch is a gift from my husband. He had it custom made to fit a wall. It is made from sassafras wood which I think is unusual. My favorite pattern of dishes is Blue Willow. I have been collecting them for 20 years and have new place settings, old place settings, cheap ones, and dishes that are more expensive. I currently have the Blue Willow on my hutch but it just doesn't do it. I decided that I am going to put odd patterns of China on my hutch for a change. This afternoon I started to take the Blue Willow pattern dishes off the hutch and wash them before I put them away. I just started this chore and we got company. It was friends that we hadn't seen for awhile. They left and we went to the super market for groceries (we drive 23 miles one way). After we got home, I put away the groceries and then I cooked supper. By the time supper was over and the dishes were in the dishwasher, I decided that I would finish changing my display sometime this week. I work at the office tomorrow, am sorting through things for the Historical Society's auction on Tuesday and auction day is Wednesday. Maybe I can buy some more odd pieces of China for my hutch at the auction. I figure that by Thursday, I should be able to finish the job.

I decided that I would take a picture of the hutch even though some of the dishes aren't on it. Maybe some one has some ideas to give it some pizazz.


JUST A MOM said...

beautiful hutch and I love the pie safe too. I hope you got to enjoy your friends.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sweetie! How are you? I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I love pie dsafe! (I never heard of one...) LOL... but I love it! I also love your hutch! Your china is lovely. Take some close ups of the china... (please..:) I would love to see the detail.


PS. I keep you in my prayers too:)

Anonymous said...

Excuse my crazy typing! LOL. I meant to say, " I love your pie safe".. LOL


Kris said...

Hi! I came here via your comment on Granny Loz's blog. I love your pretty things and the beautiful photo of your grandchildren! We had our first grandchild in June and look forward to the time we can take a photo like yours!!!