Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Day's Finale

Tyler went to his friend's house. Several boys usually get together and skateboard in the alley behind the house. Tyler was gone about an hour when his friend called and told me that Tyler jumped a post and fell and hit his head. I went to pick him up and his friend's dad had put an ice pack on Tyler's head. He said that he thought Tyler needed stitches. As Tyler's friend's dad is a coach, I knew that he was familiar with mishaps. I called Stephanie and told her what had happened. She told me to take him to the hospital and she would leave the house and meet me there. Tyler was in agony during the trip to the hospital. Emergency rooms aren't the fastest places. The triage nurse examined Tyler and cleaned the wound. The doctor examined his head, his knee, and his fingers. He said that Tyler would need staples but first he wanted an x-ray to check for a concussion. The x-ray showed no concussion. Stephanie felt faint while the doctor used the staple gun. I was worried about her passing out. I knew that the pain from putting in the staples must have been excruciating from Tyler's reaction. We left with prescriptions for an antibiotic and pain medication. Tyler stayed with us since we didn't want him to be by himself at home the next day. I got up several times during the night to wake him up as is protocol for head injuries. After the drama, I learned that Tyler was not skateboarding. He just tried to jump a post.

The Post Tyler Jumped

The Staples


Brown-Eyes said...

Oh my goodness...that wound looks so painful....He is such a handsome boy! Thankfully he is young and should heal nicely and what great news about no concussion. ;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

Holy Ouch Sweetie! That looks painful! My son recently got stitches in his head too. I'm sure he will heal quickly just as my son did.

He's handsome! I sure hope he gives up his dare devil stunts! (lol)


Nancy said...

Ohhhhhh that looks so painful. What a handsome young man. I sure hope he heals fast.

JUST A MOM said...

OH JESUS THAT HURTS!!!!!! Hope he is alright,,,,,

Tootsie said...

hello!  I am so sorry to hear that your son is injured ...and for such a silly reason....I am shocked to see that photo of your late daughter.  My heart goes out to you and I hope they make an arrest...that is just so awful.  You are very strong...and I will pray for justice for your daughter.Thank you for the visit to my blog

Susie said...

Hi Sweetie,
Thanks for visiting me..I'm so sorry that your grandson suffered such a nasty head wound.
May he make a speedy recovery!