Saturday, January 3, 2009

Still - a Little Christmas

My Christmas decorations are packed away but these are so pretty that I am keeping them on display for a while. On one of my mother's last Christmases I gave her a beautiful Nativity set. She loved it to much that it was a permanent fixture in her home. I am my mother's daughter.

I love this arrangement with the plaid ribbon and red candle.

This arrangement has a few varieties of ivy with a poinsettia.

I had this dried arrangement made. I will re-use the pewter container.

I love poinsettias. I have the instructions for keeping them so that they will bloom next winter. I am going to give it a try.

This poinsettias in this container are almost a shade of pink.

Today I wrote in my journal for the second time. Tomorrow I'm going to check with Curves to see if they have a trial offer. I really want to start working out. I have a neuromuscular disease that somewhat limits my exercise but I really want to strive to be more physically fit.
I want to thank you, my Dear Blogger Friends, again for your support and compassion. Each of you is a positive force in my life and you have provided me with the incentive to move forward.


Anonymous said...

GM My Friend, how are you doing. I want you to know you are in my prayers every night. I went to Curves for awhile and it did help me be more flexible, but when we left for the summer it was so difficult to find one near me sometimes, so I stopped going. I really need to go back. :)


Kitty Scraps said...

Good Morning Miz Sweetie,
Thank you for visiting my blog! How nice to meet you! I'm so sorry for your recent loss, having loss so many of my own family my heart goes out to you!

I think you'd enjoy reading Simple Abundance, I've been trying to make it thru the entire year of reading it for a couple of years now and seem to get sidetracked but the nice thing about this book is you can pick it up anytime, do what interests you and put it back down again. It's all about discovering your authentic self, being happy with your blessings thru expressing your gratitude, decluttering your life so you can live, and I just love the positive messages it holds for each day of the year.
Happy New Year to you and yours, may God bless you richly in the New Year.

Kathy said...

Your decorations are beautiful, Sweetie. I love the arrangement you had made. My mother has kept poinsettias over until the next season successfully, but I never have. Give it a try! I love them too. There are so many unusual shades to choose from now. I think the rosy pink is my favorite.

Sweetie, I love the pictures you have added to your blog. What wonderful memories you have of the many places you traveled to with Johnny.

I continue to be amazed by your strength, my friend.


Smilingsal said...

I admire your determination to press on. The floral arrangements are lovely, and I fully understand wanting to keep them around. Hope that Curves can help.

Nancy said...

I come to your blog everyday, as you know. I love hearing Vince Gill now when I visit. He is my favorite country singer.
Your plants are just beautiful. I hope keeping the poin. works. I love them too but never tried keeping them.
I am waiting for my son and his girlfriend to get here, then we are going to Amish Country for an
Amish breakfast buffet.
Hope your journal keeps going on and you manage your exercise program.
Love Nancy

Cherdecor said...

I love all your Christmas arrangements but the one with the plaid ribbon and red candle is so nice.

I admire your determination to press on in this new year. Joining curves will help more than just your body. Getting out and getting involved with people will be so helpful too.


Susan S. said...

Good luck with the newer, healthier regime! That's awesome that you are journaling...I think it will help to put your inner most thoughts in writing.

Your Christmas arrangements are beautiful and I hope you have good luck with the poinsetta. :)

Anonymous said...

Kalimera Sweetie(Goodmorning).Nice to see you back here.I love all the arrangements,especially the one with the dried things in and berries and pewter pot.Lovely!Sweetie I have been journaling for about 3 years now.I got a new journal this Christmas.They have such lovely ones out there.Anyway much luck with your new year idea.Good health is so important.Glad your starting off on such an important thing.God Bless!

onlymehere said...

You'll have to let me know if the poinsettia instructions work. Every year our neighbors give us a beautiful one (they own a nursery) and I always feel bad that I kill it. I'd love to at least make it last longer than a week or two! I like how you kept the other arrangements and nativity out too.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Sweetie,

I've thought of you so many times lately.
Your flowers are beautiful; I wish I had your thumb for poinsettias. I love them and I haven't been a very good tender of them.
I hope you can get into Curves.. and I encourage you with all my heart. I too am going to start living a healthier lifestyle and will do everything I can to encourage you as well.
You remain in my thoughts and prayers...


Neabear said...

The poinsettas are lovely. I have never been successful with them. I hope you are. It amazes me how many shades they have them in now. A whole sea of them is so pretty.

Jeni said...

I can easily understand why you chose to keep those things out on display -beautiful, just beautiful.
Keeping poinsettias -I've heard a couple different methods but don't know which is actually correct. Let us know what instructions you have for doing this. I had placed three poinsettias on the altar at church for Christmas and after the late service on Christmas eve, anyone who had given flowers then could remove their poinsettias and take them home. I only picked up two of the three to bring home -a white one and a red one -but the red one is so huge, it actually looks like it is 3 or 4 plants in the pot but it is only one! Just gorgeous, it is.
Good luck with the physical fitness plans. I need to do something just to get my body a little bit more mobile but I can't get out often enough to deal with a place like Curves.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Sweetie, I love all of your floral arrangments. Winter greenery is always one of my favorites.
Hugs, Terrie

Dianne said...

I hope 2009 brings you the very best life has to offer.

Your decorations are beautiful. I didn't bother decorating this year. Just too soon after our move and didn't want to drag everything out, only to pack it away again.

Happy To Be said...

GM Sweetie..loved all your florals and you'll have to let me know about the pointessia and hpw it does..good luck with curves..may you have a sage and blessed week end dear friend..hugs and smiles Gloria

Ruthie said...

So good to see you blogging again. I've been laid up with having a large back tooth pulled that had already been capped, root canal done, and now an abcess! So haven't really been blogging myself much.
About Curves - I was working at Curves until just recently (on leave right now) and there are two specials. One is if you join now, you get a month free. The other thing is the Silver Sneakers plan. If you are on Medicare and your insurance lets you do the Silver Sneakers Plan, Curves is now on that plan and the insurance pays for your Curves, as I understand it. So I'd call the Curves near you and ask.
Curves is really a great plan - esp if you have any muscular issues - because it is a safe and fun way to exercise! Good luck.
Keeping you in my prayers. Remember that the Lord is with you always!
Hugs. Ruthie

PEA said...

I don't blame you at all for wanting to keep those arrangements out for a while longer...they truly are beautiful! My poinsettia is still doing really well so I'm keeping it out as well:-)

Isn't it wonderful to know that bloggers are such a caring and giving group...we never need to feel alone any longer:-) xoxo

Linda said...

Hi Sweetie, all your flowers arrangments are lovely and I'd want to keep them out too. I have a Dickens Village I set up for Christmas and just love it....I keep it up until the end of January, when I look at it it just makes me happy.
Good for you about journaling...and I've only heard good things about Curves....I hope they have trial visits.
I will keep you and yours in my thought...hugs, Linda

Melissa Miller said...

Hello Sweetie,

I'm so glad you stoppped by tonight. I have thought of you many times lately and wondered how you were coping. I'm so sorry for all that you and your family have been through. You are a good person.

Yes I agree for some reason organization is something that makes people feel better overall. It just makes you breathe easier to have things in order.

Hope you have a blessed 09.
Take Care and come visit anytime.
Your friend, Melissa

prof en retraite said...

Hi Sweetie...I love your arrangements and think that they're more winter than Christmas and could easily stay out! My grandmother was the only person I ever knew who could get her poinsettias to bloom again. My mom always told me it involved light to dark ratio and she kept them in her basement after a certain point. Mine always made beautiful green plants, so I didn't care if they didn't bloom! Have a great weekend!...Debbie

Tootsie said...

as I was going from blog to blog tonight, I noticed that several of my favorites are gone...deleted...I ran as fast as I could to make sure you were still here...there are several of you guys that I would be broken if you left the land of inspire does picket and several others.
I wish you nothing but the very best and most gentle year...take good care of yourself...and take a moment each day to smile just because you are special to so many.

Jill said...

Hi Sweetie...
I have been thinking of you and I am so sorry I haven't checked in sooner. The holiday had me running in circles with the kids but I am back for good now!
My prayers remain with you! I hope the new year brings you happiness and good health!

jeanne said...

Hello dear Sweetie, I have been out of town and it is late but I felt the need to come over and tell you how often I think of you and your family these days.

I love your poinsettias and they do have a pink color. I have not had good luck keeping them for another year. if you are successful let me know how you did it. Smile.

I too am happy to keep my nativity scene up longer as it has so much meaning to me. My mother-in-law painted the one I have. A treasure to remember her means so much.

Blessings and love to you and your sweet family...Jeanne

The Muse said...

i agree they are lovely and can make you feel the spirit and smile..keep them out!
So thinking of you :) and feel you in my heart and prayers!

Heidi said...

Oh how wonderful to see that you are blogging once again! I think you should keep the plants you show as long as you can. And snowmen are winter, not just Christmas. :) My mother used to have a poinsettia outside the front door at one of her houses she had in Florida. It grew to be huge too.

Hugs ~

Love Bears All Things said...

Good morning!
Well, making healthier choices for my life is, again, my goal for the new year. So many times, I let some incident derail me from my purpose but like Paul, I keep pressing on.
I'm pleased you are making improvements in your life. Journaling and exercise are two very wise choices. I'll come along side you on this journey. I started walking on a regular basis this week. So far, 3 walks and I felt better because of it. I become bored with the same route so, here at my new home, I'm scouting out some different ones.

These are more winter decorations than Christmas so I say leave them out. I have not put away my decorations yet, I just took them into another room where I'll pack them up this week. I left the ones in the Bathroom, the snow men, poinsettias and winter bears.

Have a great Sunday,
Mama Bear

Judy said...

I love the arrangements and the containers are pretty, too. I could use some trips to Curves as well. I am glad you are doing better. You are thought of and prayed for constantly. Hugs, Judy

The Muse said...

glad to see your comments on my pink sat post...i hope it helped you smile a bit :) xo!

Anne said...

Your flower arrangements are just beautiful. Yeah I've heard that you can get poinsettias to bloom again but never gave it a try. It would be neat though. You'll have to show it to us next year if you do decide to try it.

Sharon said...

I can't blame you for keeping some of those out. They are so pretty.
I hope that Curves works out for you.
You are such an inspiration to me.
God bless

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