Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today was not a good day! My house is in total chaos. I am trying to make order out of disorder. However, I seem to have lost reality. I move one step forward and two steps backward in my attempt to downsize and reorganize. The contractors finished the floor yesterday. So, ideally, I should have everything in place today – right? Wrong! I decided that I have too much stuff. I gave a deacon’s bench to Granddaughter Ashley, my grandmother’s gate leg table to Daughter Amber (I have my mother’s), and “stuff” to other daughters, granddaughters, and friends. I had the island in the kitchen covered with “stuff” which I gave away.

Tomorrow I am getting the living room and dining room in perfect order. I am having a meeting here Thursday evening so I really have a deadline.
I put my Willow Tree figurines in the corner curio cabinet in the living room.
I can't decide whether to keep the round braided rug under the dining room table. I don't even know where to put the dining room table.
Amidst the complete pandemonium, something wonderful happened. Granddaughter Ashely brought Haylee Sherryann and Mason for a visit. Isn't Haylee Sherryann beautiful?

Mason loves to play the piano.
Sweetie, Mason, and Haylee Sherryann. Does it ever get better than this?
Once everything is in place in the living room and dining room, I will post it!


Kathy said...

The floors look great in the pictures, Sweetie. I envy your organization session! I so need to do the same thing - and intend to, end of summer. We have a summer wedding and then vacation to get through first. Then, Katie bar the door! Take heart, you'll be finished with the work before you know it and then you'll have a nice clean, organized home!

TheWritersPorch said...

No pain, no gain! Sweetie you will be so happy when it's all done and I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product!

♥ Kathy said...

aww such sweet babies ♥ I like the rug Sweetie. I think I would keep it, but I'm a keeper. I keep EVERYTHING. It drives my hubby crazy lol

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Sweetie.... those cuties are precious with their precious grandmother! I love these pictures! So sweet! And I look forward to seeing what you do with your house...


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the curio Sweetie.your collection is large.I like the rug I definately would keep it.It also looks so cute with the vase on the table matches a bit with the rug.Yesterday I just ripped up my dinning room rug.We had wall to wall carpet but I have nice floors underneath,hardwood,and they look nicer.I drug out the rug after i ripped it up.I cant believe I did all of that yesterday,LOL.Now to get some of the mat that stuck to the floor up I will be doing good.Since I have 2 dogs it feels alot cleaner now as well.I love nice floors with throw rugs around.especially in the dinning room.Enjoy your day.The baby is adorable.Her big brother looks like a sweetie as well.

Smilingsal said...

I totally understand. When redoing anything, it calls for me to evaluate every item's worth and placement. WOW! That takes so much time and energy, and you're tackling it alone. That compounds your angst. Then, you have a Thursday night deadline? Oh, yes, I understand.

Raggedy Girl said...

Well that is sure worth stopping work to hug grandbabies. I too am weeding out and have given away pieces of furniture, quilts, dishes and crystal. Also given stuff to Goodwill. I am tearing down 20 year old wallpaper and painting the old homestead in soft colors. Good luck with your deadline.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday
from a Raggedy Roberta Anne

Linda said...

The gran babies visited at the perfect time...sweet pictures. Sweetie, the floor is beautiful and I like the rug....I hope you keep it for sure. It feels good to re-oraganize and pass things on for others to enjoy...I think you are making wonderful progress. hugs, Linda

Judy said...

I love the picture of you with the children. They are both just little dolls. I know your house is going to look wonderful when you get it back together. I love the new floors. I am ordering tile for my bathrooms today. I dread starting on it.

Neas Nuttiness said...

1. Keep the rug.

2. Yes she is adorable.

3. No it doesn't get any better than that!!!

Nancy said...

More important than anything else are the two beautiful children, the rest will wait while you cuddle them.
I have a round braided rug, does that surprise you, it is blue too.
Keep at it, it will all fall into place.
Love Nancy

Tootsie said...

girl..take your time. It will all happen for you. I know how it is when it all falls into your lap at one time.
don't forget to have some sweetie time!!!! I wish I was there to help you out!

whoopsadasie said...

I can't wait to see it when it is all done! I am sure it will be a great feeling!

Love, love, those grandbabies...life DOESN'T get any better than that!

Oh and LOVE your collection of Willow Tree! Definately keep that!

Deb said...

Hi Sweetie! I LOVE the picture of you and the kids cuddling! Hope you get it all together in time which I'm sure you will. Can't wait to see the pictures. Deb

HappyHermit said...

What beautiful babies.

Margie said...

It sounds like you have been very busy! Last year around this time, we were going through the house getting rid of things we just didn't want anymore and we took a truckload to the auction. But now I look around and my house still seems so full of stuff, and I wonder what did I get rid of? It all seems to have come back! I guess it's time to start getting rid of things again!

Your grandbabies are precious!

Have a lovely day!

Anne said...

I'm glad to hear that you got your floor done. I happen to like the rug under the table. It looks nice. I'm glad to see that you were enjoying time with your grandchildren. ☺

Sharon said...

Love the floor and I would keep the rug.
It will all come around and then you can sit back and just adore all of your hard work.
It is nice to see that you took a little sweetie time too.
God bless

PEA said...

Such a wonderful way to take a break from reorganizing your house:-) Haylee and Mason are so adorable and I can well imagine how much you enjoyed cuddling them both. The one of Mason giving you a kiss is just precious.

I personally love that rug under your table and chairs, it brings out the colour of the beautiful wood grain! Decluttering is always a big job especially if you're attached to a lot of the stuff...I've found though, that once it's gone, you don't miss it:-) xoxo

jeanne said...

Oh Sweetie, I went through the worst mess when we moved from a large two story home to a house with 1000 less square ft. It was all about too much stuff. I gave my children as much as I could and still have boxes of stuff in the garage. I feel for you but when you get everything together you will have a big sigh of relief. I found out in some cases less is really best. I will be waiting for your after photos.

Now how can anyone be upset after a visit from the most beautiful grandchildren ever. You are surrounded with the love of your huge family. Now that should be better than the confusion of placing your furniture.


Mrs. B. Silly said...

Hi Sweetie, I hope you have found your way through the chaos and things are looking up. I like the rug under the table!
Hugs, Bridget

Heidi said...

Hi Sweetie! I am slowly trying to catch up with all the blogs again. I am home from the hospital but very tired. I have a short isolation period as my body is getting rid of all the excess radiation very easily. Yeah! Mason is so cute! I know it is never a good thing for kids that little to have to wear glasses but doesn't he just look a button with them on. Is it my imagination or is little Haylee really growing? She is adorable.

Hugs ~

Love Bears All Things said...

I saw the photo of the Willow Tree in my list of blogs I follow postings and came back to see what it was about. I want you to show them separately and tell about them.
Mama Bear

Melissa Wertz said...

It will look good when you are finished. You have been busy girl!

Neabear said...

The Willow Tree figures look great in that cabinet. I have a collection of ONE. Yep. Got my first from my secret pal at Christmas. The Healing Angel one. The pictures of your great-grandchildren are precious.

Anonymous said...