Monday, March 23, 2009

Successful Fund Raiser and a Suprise

Sherry Jo's Memorial Scholarship fund raising dinner was a huge success. Daughter Michele was in charge of things and did a wonderful job.

The day started with Stephanie presenting my sister, Cissy, and me with a hap made from Sherry's jeans.
Jocasta who owns her own restaurant business volunteered her time.
Some of the helpers took some time out for a little conversation.

The people started arriving at 2:00 p.m.
There was a steady flow all afternoon.The last meals were served at about 5:30 p.m.
Friends and family helped by baking delicious cakes. The students at the Career and Technology Center made cupcakes for the take out meals.
Sheila, Michele, and Michael
Mallory and Wade

Jennifer with Seth
Cissy, Sweetie, Amber, Sheila
Jennifer, Michele, Stephanie

This is Brooke, Sherry's youngest daughter.
Sheila and Benton


Amber and Haylee Sherryann
Ashley, Sherry's second daughter, and precious Haylee Sherryann
The big surprise!!!!
Nancy of Knitting Paths of Life and her wonderful husband, George, drove five hours to attend the dinner and to meet my family and me. I was overwhelmed to meet her. She and George are wonderful. Nancy brought a embroidered tote for me and a lovely embroidered outfit for Haylee Sherryann. Nancy embroidered Haylee Sherryann's name on the outfit and also brought several samples of her name in different fonts that can be used with other outfits. Please visit Nancy and see the pictures she posted of my tote and Haylee Sherryann's outfit.
I was not the only one touched by Nancy's and George's visit. My daughters and grandchildren are so very happy for me. They remarked over and over how special Nancy and George are.

Thank you Nancy and George for making the day even more special. We think that we will be able to award two scholarships in Sherry's name and will do it every year.


Anne said...

How wonderful and what an awesome post. I'm so glad to hear that your daughter Sherry's fundraiser was such a success. I'm so glad that you got to meet Nancy and George in person. What an awesome surprise! Thanks for sharing pics with us all.

Diane said...

Sweetie, I am overjoyed to hear that the fundraiser was such a resoounding success! And, what a precious surprise from Nancy and George! I am so very happy for you and your family. May the Lord be with you all!


Anonymous said...

Im so thrilled this went well for all of you.Its seems like it was a lovely and comforting time.God Bless you and your family Sweetie!

Bo said...

Hi Sweetie...what a loving & supportive community you have... the memorial scholarship is a tremendous way to honor Sherrie Jo.
Your friends Nancy & George must be very special people to come from so far to attend the fundraiser. ;-) Bo

Judy said...

What a wonderful event it turned out to be. The food all looks just great and what a crowd attended! I am so thrilled for you and your family. I loved seeing all the pictures and am so glad you posted them. Thanks for sharing with us. I love your music.

TheWritersPorch said...

Sweetie.......what a wonderful day and what a loving tribute to Sherry!

Knitty said...

Sweetie, I'd like you to know that while I don't post a comment on each of your posts, I do follow your blog and think of you often. You are a remarkably strong woman, whether by choice or not, and your strength and grace is something I admire.

Blessings always,

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm happy for you that this was such a success.
Mama Bear

Sharon said...

I am so happy to hear that your fundraiser went so well.
Thanks for sharing the photos
Bless Nancy and George for coming that far for you and your family.
God bless

Smilingsal said...

It sounds like a very successful day.

onlymehere said...

I'm so glad this went well. I had read about Nancy's visit on her blog and I was so thrilled she and George could do that and meet you! That's really special. I'm glad too that someone will be able to attend school on Sherry Jo's scholarship. You amaze me. Cindy

Constance said...

Noting can ever replace your beautiful daughter but how wonderful to have family and friends who love you and her! What a wonderful way to remember her and honor her life! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh Sweetie, I'm so glad that the event went well. And wow, to meet bloggy friends. That has become one of my big future goals.
May your heart be filled, knowing that so many people care!

♥ Kathy said...

Oh Sweetie that is so wonderful! ♥

Nancy said...

Hi Sweetie:
All the pictures are wonderful. I was so happy to be able to come and surprise you. I had to keep asking questions trying not to tell you why. LOL. It was a beautiful event and I am glad you can award two scholarships. You are every bit as wonderful as I knew you would be. I am happy I could be a small part of this important date for you and you family. I loved meeting your daughters.
Love Nancy

Sandi McBride said...

What a wonderful turnout for your sweet girl, Sweetie~! I'm so glad it all went so well and that you met your blogging friends in person! That cake table looks wonderful!

Raggedy Girl said...

Through my tears I want to say that this was so inspiring and such a lovely post. You have taken what has to be the most horrific experience a parent can have and turned it into something so special. What a wonderful Mom you are. May God richly bless your whole family.

Roberta Anne

Heidi said...

Hey, I recognize that man and! I knew she was planning on trying to come and surprise you. I am so happy that it all worked out for her to go. I have said from the moment you visited her blog that it was all meant to be. God's hand was in this! You both went through something no mother wants to and I knew she could help support you as we have gone through it all years before. How special these computers can be. It brings us friends into our lives that we would never have been able to meet. It brings us angels that help us through difficult moments. We really think you and your family is special and want to be there to help you through even if it is only a smile we can offer at that moment.

I am very glad that the dinner was such a success. It had to be though as it was an outpouring of love that each of you feel for Sherry Jo. And what a great thing to do to heal a little of that wound in your heart from missing her. I am sure she was smiling down from heaven that day!

Hugs ~

bj said...

Oh, Sweetie..I am just beside myself with joy over the success of this fund raiser. Congratulations on all of you doing such a wonderful job...
xo bj

Tootsie said...

I am so happy to see you posting and about such great news yet no less!!!! I was wondering how it all went...and hoping you were taking care of your little self too!
You never stop inspiring me!

Cherdecor said...

What a great success! How wonderful to sponsor two students next year! I am so glad for the community support.

Linda said...

Sweetie, I'm so happy your fund raiser was a huge success. When I read about it (last week) I thought what a wonderful tribute to Sherry. Loved all your pictures and what a surprise for Nancy and her hubby to surprise you. This was a huge undertaking but you had wonderful sport from the community, friends and family...cheers to all of you...hugs, Linda

Bz said...

Wow.... I am just ... I don't know where to begin... but I better keep it short. I came over by way of Neas Nuttiness. You have a lovely family and have done a great job with your blog showing how beautiful they are. Oh how my heart aches for you on the loss of your daughter.... and husband. I absolutely cannot imagine... can't fathom. My husband and I were together 19 years before our daughter came along and she is now 2 1/2. ...All the hopes and dreams I have for her. My blessings to you and your family. I just had to leave a comment because I was so moved by your story.

Mama said...

I too am so happy your fund raiser was a hugh success, such a beautiful post Sweetie. Kathy.

Ruthie said...

What a wonderful day! The quilt made from the jeans is really precious.

onlymehere said...

I'm excited for you to take your quilting class! Keep us posted on what you learn and how it went. I just love the classes. It's almost time for the spring open house and many more choices in classes to do! I can hardly wait, but first I do have that wedding quilt to finish for Jill and Nicholas! Thanks for stopping by.

Kathy said...

A wonderful event to honor your Sherry. And how nice that a special blogging friend drove so far to join you. The denim throws are so pretty and will be such a wonderful keepsake for you and your sister.

Deb said...

Hi Sweetie! I'm so happy things when so well! What a wonderful thing for Nancy and George to do! I'm going over to see the tote and oufit! Deb

skywind said...

Oh, a rich feast. I'm hungry. LOL
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