Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Shopping Trip

Daughter Stephanie has probably been in every out of the way shop in Pennsylvania. We traveled to Amish country to visit some Amish shops and other shops along the way. The Amish frown upon photography so I didn't get any photos inside the three Amish shops that we visited. One of the shops sold hand made furniture. I have never seen such beautiful and well made desks, dining room furniture and bedroom furniture. The craftsmanship was remarkable.

This is the outside of a fabric shop. The Amish woman that waited on us was not at all friendly.

This is the lane that we were on to get to a small Amish shop that is almost like a thrift shop. I bought a beautiful cake plate from a very friendly Amish woman. We had been at this shop in the summer and the woman had three children with her. She explained then that they did not yet speak English as they were not in school. Notice the laundry hanging on the line.

There was a lot of buggy traffic. A clerk in a good will shop explained to us that the Amish had weddings on Tuesdays and Thursdays and there was probably a wedding.

Daughter Stephanie would not let me take a picture of her. This is the only shot that I could get. Doesn't she look like she's on a mission?

These photos were taken inside one of the little craft shops that we visited. I saw a small chest that I liked. We left the store and visited numerous other shops. Then we returned and I bought the chest. I'll show it to you on another post.

These are the wooden pieces that were outside. I really like the snowmen.

More snowmen.

Such a welcoming wreath.

I thought that the pineapple was unique.

This was in "The Olde Hatchery." The greenery is lovely.

Every nook and cranny spoke of Christmas

The aroma of Christmas was in the air. I bought a small center piece for my coffee table.
We stopped at a store that sold apples, jams, jellies, and honey; fabric shops; a book store; an Amish grocery store; several craft and thrift shops and...I'm probably missing something. I turned on the outside lights for the first time Saturday night. I brought boxes of decorations down from the attic and am working on decorating the inside of the house. For the first time in years I am not buying any new ornaments for the tree.

This is my 99th post. All my friends that submit comments between now and my 100th post are eligible for the drawing. The winner's name will be drawn on Monday, December 8. Each time you comment, an entry is made into the drawing. If you do not have a blog, please leave your e-mail address. I have the package wrapped and ready for an address label.


Anonymous said...

I love looking at what the Amish make.They make some fairly good sweets as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, take me shopping with you. You go to the prettiest shops. Thanks for stopping by to see my outside lights. I use Photoscape for the frames. Stole that info from BJ. I just love her photos.

Love Ya,

Love Bears All Things said...

The Amish always have their weddings in November and early December after the harvest. I was surprised by the yellow buggy. Guess they are getting away from all black.
When I lived in Pennsylvania, we often went to shops in Ohio similar to the one you mention here. I loved it.
Wish I could have been with youl.
Mama Bear

Smilingsal said...

Thanks for taking me along with you and Stephanie on your Amish shopping trip. The Plain People are a good lot. I'm surprised at that one out-of-sorts lady.

Neabear said...

I anjoyed the tour. Thanks for sharing. Such neat things to look at.

Neabear said...

I was going to tell you that I use Photoscape for the frames too. And that I also got it from BJ. But I see that Chris beat me to telling you about it. I did a search to find the website and then downloaded it to my computer. Been having fun with it.

Happy To Be said...

GM Sweetie what a great day you and your daughter had in Amish country...I know they don't like their pictures taken but of things they made you woul think they would't mind that... loved all the country stuff at the one shop...looks like many prim type pieces..thanks for sharing and glad to hear you are doing your tree girl!! have a blessed and safe Sunday...hugs and smiles Gloria

onlymehere said...

One of my dreams is to some day go to Amish country and buy furniture! I had a neighbor who used to live in Pennsylvania and had the most wonderful furniture! She told me that when she got divorced she told her husband she got all the furniture since he was staying and could buy more! Guess she won that argument! LOL! I can hardly wait to see your chest too that you went back to buy. I love this style of furniture. Being a cabinetmaker and having made furniture myself I appreciate the craftsmanship of if and what it must have taken to make it without the power tools that I use but their hand-powered tools. Have a great day Sweetie. I need to finish my decorating some day soon too!

Nancy said...

I love every single thing your showed here. You just tried to tempt me with more snowmen too. LOL.
Our amish buggys are all black. I never saw any with yellow. I have seen brown in a town near Grove City Pa. You daughter does look like she is on a mission. Probably was too.
You might never see my entire collection os snowmen, I don't know if I am getting them all out this year. I did put them on last year.
Hope your day is going well.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

So, when are we going shopping. I think we would have a blast. I loved your trip to Amish country.

Judy said...

There is an Amish settlement a little over an hour from me and I absolutely love going there especially in the summer to buy fresh fruits and veggies. They are such talented builders. I just love looking at their quilts and furniture, etc. All those little shops look like so much fun to visit.

PEA said...

I wish I could have joined you for this shopping trip...I love these types of shops, especially ones filled with Christmas items!!! There's an Amish village we sometimes go to a few hours drive from here and I love going there but as you say, they don't like their picture taken so I always try to be discreet. Who would have thought of a pineapple as a actually looks nice! lol xoxo

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Thanks for letting me go shopping with you Sweetie! OHMIGOSH.. that GARDEN GATE had "myname" all over it. LOL
Your daughter is beautiful! I LOVE her haircut!!!!
Have a wonderful day,

ann said...


Susan S. said...

That looks like a fun day and lots of pretty stuff to look at! The Amish intruige me and I love to hear about them and their shops. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Bo said...

Hi Sweetie...tell Stephanie she sure has no reason to be camera shy...she's beautiful! I always wanted to check out an Amish village... ;-) Bo

profenretraite said...

Hi Sweetie...Ohhh...I would love to go to Amish country! I think I've watched "Witness" too many times and I'm hoping I'll find Harrison Ford lurking around! Loved all of the Christmas goodies in the stores!...Debbie

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Sweetie,

I have always wwondered about Amish country and you showed us a wonderful shopping trip. It's beautiful.

Thanks for visiting my blog tonight and your kindness. You're always welcome anytime.

Warmly, Melissa :)

Tootsie said...

thanks for another great trip! gotta love some customer service! lol
please stop in and pick up the award I have for you...tomorrow!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

I love visiting Amish shops and Amish Bakeries too. They are the most wonderful bakers!!



Barb said...

Looks like a fun trip, and you found great little shops. Love those snowmen.
Thanks for sharing. I'll be back.

Barbara Jean

bj said...

oooo, what beautiful places to shop. I have always wanted to go to Amish country...I keep thinking I will order something from one of their online shops...they have such beautiful things....

Stephanie E. said...

Well I guess your blog friends really do enjoy the photos. I will let you take more the next time...but we really were on a mission...remember...Dad needed honey...LOL I can't wait to go again. I think we need to hit more backroads next time to see if we can find new stores. Love ya!