Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am so excited. Daughters Michele and Stephanie and I are taking a quilting class that will begin at the end of the month. We will be making a Log Cabin quilt. "A log cabin quilt is a great pattern for novice quilters. It's a familiar, traditional design so the finished product will surely make the novice feel a sense of accomplishing a time-honored craft and it's made with straight lines, so learning to maneuver the pieces of fabric isn't as complicated as a more intricate pattern might be."
Last Friday evening Dear Daughters and I went to JoAnn Fabrics to select our fabric. We are making double/queen quilts. These are the supplies that we needed. Center 1/4 yard; 1st light 1/2 yard; 2nd light 1/2 yard; 3rd light 1 1/4 yard; 1st dark 3/4 yard; 2nd dark 1 yard; 3rd dark 1 1/2 yard; border 1 1 yard; border 2 1 1/2 yard' binding, 1 yard; backing 6 1/2 yard; and batting 101 x 129.Check Spelling
Dear Daughters have made quilts before and Daughter Stephanie is an expert. As Michele and I had such difficulty selecting our fabrics, we decided that we would purchase the same fabric as Stephanie selected. The only difference is my backing is purple while Stephanie's and Michele's are a shade of burgundy.
We spent almost three hours in JoAnn Fabrics. It took two hours for the clerks to cut our fabric. They were very, very kind.

This is a Log Cabin design quilt.

The Career & Technology Center has cutting equipment but I bought my own so that I can work on my quilt at home.

I need extra bobbins and thread. I decided this would be an appropriate time to purchase a good pair of scissors.

This fabric will be the center block.

These are other fabrics that we (Daughter Stephanie) selected.

I am a complete novice in the art of quilt making. I'm very excited about the quilting classes and also am looking forward to spending time with Daughters Stephanie and Michele. The classes are on Thursday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. So many of my blogger friends make beautiful quilts, and you are wonderful role models. I am anticipating working on my first quilt and hope that it will lead to more.


Mary said...

I love the pattern you've chosen. Your colors are cheerful and make me feel happy.

onlymehere said...

I'm so excited to see these fabrics all put together! I'm partial to the burgandy and blue family myself. Is this the exact log cabin pattern you're making? The lonestar in the center looks hard! I've always wanted to learn a lonestar but haven't yet. Enjoy your time with your daughters bz that's really the best part of it all. I spent yesterday helping Brianna make headbands for Savannah. Five years of sewing lessions and she hardly ever touches a machine. It was so good just to be with her.

Mrs. B. Silly said...

I guess the quilt bug is working its way through your family. I think its great that so many people are keeping this time honored craft alive. You're going to have so much fun and you'll have a pretty quilt to show for your efforts. There is nothing like knowing you did it yourself! Enjoy your class and I can't wait to see the finished product.
p.s. be careful with that rotary cutter, those suckers will take a finger off if you aren't!

Jeni said...

I remember a smattering (very little smattering though) about quilting from what my Grandma tried to show me when I was a child and a teen but not near enough to even think about doing a quilt! My daughter has said she'd like to learn that craft -someday -but with the two little ones and their issues, that's going to be a long time from now. I like the fabrics and the pattern you'll be using for the quilt and will be looking forward to seeing the finished product. Where are you taking this course though -around your area, close-by, I assume. Wish this were available over here on this side of seven mountains plus about three more! LOL

Smilingsal said...

I've never quilted either, so I'll be interested to see how you do. Keep a record of your costs too, please.

Knitty said...

I predict you will love quilting, especially with your daughters at your side!

Love Bears All Things said...

Getting started is quite expensive as you have to buy all your supplies. I think I have ended up with 3 cutting pads. I use a bigger one at home and a smaller one for travel or classes. I have a rotary cutter that has a gurard that stays on when you aren't cutting so I don't have to keep opening and closing it. I have a pair of scissors that Mother gave me when she bought a new pair. You can never have too many bobbins. I like to fill 4 at a time so I don't have to stop and do it in the middle of sewing.
Is the pattern you showed the one you're doing? It has a lot of border.
The best part of this whole thing is that you're doing it together and will share in the experience.
Can't wait to see you post your progress.
Mama Bear

Sharon said...

Can't wait to see the finished product. It sounds like so much fun to do and doing it with your daughters makes in priceless.
Do your other daughters quilt also?
Have a blessed weekend.
God bless

Linda said...

Hi Sweetie, I'm excited for you! The log cabin is one of my favorite quilt blocks and I love your fabric choices..especially the center block fabric (I love hearts). I'm a novice quilt maker and you are going have such fun....quilting become addicting, back I think that's a good thing...hugs, Linda

Nancy said...

I have been with Heidi when she selects fabric and I am amazed the small pieces add up to such wonderful work. I do not quilt but love them.
She always hand quilts, but is starting to use her machine more now.
The fabric you selected is really pretty. That should make a nice quilt.
Just doing the work with your daughters will be a treat.
Good luck, and can't wait to see the finish.
Love Nancy

Raggedy Girl said...

What fun. I love to quilt and three hours in a JoAnn store qualifies as a vacation in my mind. I cannot wait to see it and hope you post your progress as you work on it.

Have A Fabulous Friday
From Roberta Anne
The Raggedy Girl.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sweetie, this looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see what you do with your fabrics. How nice that you will be with your girls to do this! :-)


Sheila :-)

Kathy said...

Gosh, Sweetie, good for you! What an exciting project, especially to be working on with your daughters. I don't think I would EVER get such an impressive piece done! Can't wait to see pics as you progress.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Okay - I'm gonna have to ask...since this is something that I've wanted to do for a long time! How much $ did you have to spend to get the items needed to be able to quilt at home?

Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

I look forward to the day that Lindsey is interested in learning to quilt. Quilting is a hobby that I am very proud of. I am actually making quilts as Christmas Presents this year. Blessings to you and your daughters. May love surround you in your class and every moment be cherished. Jaime

Helen said...

Hi Sweetie! For a novice ~ quite impressive. Have a blessed weekend.

TheWritersPorch said...

I'd love to quilt with my daughter!
I'm so jealous but also happy for you!

Judy said...

I know you and your girls are going to have so much fun at this quilting class. I always enjoy anything I do with my daughters. We have a JoAnn Store here in my town. I love looking around in there.

Diane said...

I love the design! I cannot wait to see the finished product. I hope you post updates as you work. Enjoy your new project, I know you will produce a beautiful quilt! Warm hugs..........


Neabear said...

That is so neat that you are doing fun things with you daughters. You are making memories together that will be fun to look back on later. Now I can't wait to see the finished quilt. Don't forget to share it with us when you are done. Actually it would be fun to see some in the process pictures too. Looks like I am caught up reading your blog. On to the next one. LOL! Thank you for your recent visits to mine. I still don't have my car. Waiting on a part from Sweden.

Heidi said...

How fun that you are going to take a class with your daughters. I hope you have lots of fun learning to quilt. A large quilt is a big undertaking for your first one. Log cabin quilts are fun to make.

I just finished another quilt and put it on my blog before the weekend so stop in and take a look. I am practicing doing machine quilting.

Hugs ~

Elizabeth said...

I love the Log Cabin pattern, and the fabrics you girls are using is great, so traditional. I did a post yesterday about a quilting novel! Hope you'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the progress of your quilt. Quilting will probably turn into an addiction for you, as it did for me! :)

Anonymous said...